1. What is our default IPC class? Class 2
  2. Do we offer any other IPC classes? Class 3, including Space Module
  3. Are Qualitel Express employees IPC certified? Yes – Our employees are certified to IPC-A-610,            J-STD-001, and IPC-7711/7721


  1. What is our default flux chemistry? No-clean
  2. Can we build with lead-free solder? Yes – No-clean SAC305 is standard.
  3. Can we build with tin-lead solder? Yes – No-clean Sn62/Ag2/Pb36 is standard.
  4. Is Sn63/Pb37 tin-lead solder available? Yes – Will use if specifically called out
  5. Can we use water soluble solder paste? Yes – Requires solder paste stencil, extra fee
  6. Do we offer aqueous deionized wash? Yes – With water soluble solder paste only

Component Requirement

Surface Mount

  1. What is the smallest SMT passive that can be placed? 0201 or larger
  2. What is the smallest pitch for BGAs? 16 mils (.4mm) or larger
  3. Can we place BGAs on both sides of a PCBA? Yes
  4. What is the smallest fine pitch that can be placed? 12 mils (.3mm) or greater
  5. What is the maximum size that can be machine placed? 2” x 2” x .75” (50mm x 50mm x 19mm)

Through Hole

  1. Can we install press fit connectors? Yes – Additional tooling required
  2. Can we swage PEM fasteners? Yes – Additional tooling required
  3. Can we swage PCB standoffs? Yes – Additional tooling required
  4. Can we install cables and wires? Yes – Additional tooling required
  5. Do we make cable assemblies? No – We use outsourcing partners

Bare Board Limits

  1. What is the minimum board size? 7” x 2” (69mm x 50mm)
  2. What is the maximum board size? 20” x 17.4” (500mm x 442mm)
  3. What is the minimum board thickness? 16mils (.4mm)
  4. What is the maximum board thickness? 157mils (4mm)
  5. What is the maximum board layer count? Up to 16 layers
  6. What is the maximum count copper thickness? 2oz or less is typical

Kit Requirement

PCB Requirements

  1. Do we need reference designators? Yes – Marked on PCB or drawings/CAD data
  2. Are polarity markings are required? Yes – Marked on PCB or drawings/CAD data
  3. What are our panel requirements? Panels are required for odd-shaped boards
  4. What are our fiducial requirements? Global fiducials on each side of the board
  5. Would we like break-away rails? Yes – But we have a universal pallet too

Part Packaging

  1. Do we accept cut tape and leader? Yes – Continuous strip of tape
  2. Do we accept reels? Yes – Preferred over cut tape
  3. Do we accept tubes? Yes
  4. Do we accept trays? Yes
  5. Do we accept bulk parts? Yes – May cost extra and take longer
  6. Do we handle moisture sensitive parts? Yes – We will bake parts if needed

Extra Parts Provided

  1. How many extra passives should be provided? 20 minimum
  2. How many extra 0201s should be provided? 50 minimum
  3. How many extra actives and BGAs? 1 or more extra of each
  4. Do we handle high value parts? Yes – Please identify
  5. Do we return extra parts? Yes – All extra will be returned with finished assembly

Part Shortage / Issue

  1. Will we contact the customer to solve issue? Yes – PM will contact customer; job held for 1 hour
  2. What happens if we get no response? We will hold job (day-for-day slide) and 25% re-setup

Special Processes

  1. Do we offer X-ray? Yes – Standard for BGAs and BTCs
  2. Do we offer Automated Optical inspection? Yes – Standard for all boards
  3. Do we off Flying Probe test? Yes –  Additional 5-7 days plus programming cost
  4. Do we offer underfill? Yes – Manual process; call first for material
  5. Do we offer bonding? Yes – Bostik epoxy or customer specified
  6. Do we offer conformal coating? Yes – Type UR, AR, XY (Additional 3-5 days)
  7. Do we offer Box Build? Yes – Additional tooling required



For any other inquires please use form via our contact page.