Fast PCB Prototype Assembly

Accelerating your time to market is important to us at Qualitel Express. That’s why we focus exclusively on quick-turn PCB prototype assembly. Your order won’t be interrupted or delayed by larger projects. Your PCB prototype assembly is our top priority until it is delivered.

Top quality PCB prototype assembly

The professional staff at Qualitel Express has extensive knowledge and experience accelerating the assembly of even the most complex PCB assembly prototypes without compromising quality. We adhere to the same rigorous standards of exacting quality as we apply on our NPI and production lines at our parent, Qualitel.

PCB prototype assembly facility with dedicated staff and equipment

Qualitel Express is a separate PCB prototype facility with the same state-of-the-art equipment as the Qualitel NPI and production lines. Qualitel Express has its own professional staff dedicated to providing responsive service and communication, instant quoting, parts purchasing and rapid assembly.

Convenient scale-up to production

When you are ready to transition to NPI and production, we do it seamlessly and without the cost or delay of switching vendors.

With Qualitel Express you can keep all stages of PCB assembly with one company: quick-turn prototyping, production, and high-volume production with a strategic off-shore partner. We have completed thousands of projects for our customers who have taken their products to production with Qualitel. All it takes is one call to move your project to the NPI and production lines at Qualitel.

Need a high-quality PCB prototype assembly in days, not weeks? Request a quote from Qualitel Express.