Separate Prototype Facility

Dedicated PCB Prototype Assembly Facility

Unlike most PCB prototype assembly services vendors, Qualitel Express has its own facility, equipment and personnel to eliminate schedule delays and priority conflicts.

The PCB prototype assembly line is independent from Qualitel’s NPI and production lines, which are located in the main facility next door. Qualitel Express has the support and backup of Qualitel’s resources, including skilled staff and identical equipment.

Redundant equipment ensures, if the PCB prototype assembly line ever goes down, we can keep projects moving on schedule.

Relax while we build your PCB prototype assembly

Qualitel Express can assemble highly complex, mixed technology PCB prototypes in as little as four hours. The quick-turn facility offers a comfortable lounge area with a flat-screen TV, Wi-Fi, private office spaces, espresso machine and a conference room for you to be productive or just relax while we build your order.

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